Logan Bingaman

Trust. Growth. Experience.

Logan graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Information Systems in July of 2020 where he focused on coursework related to Python Programming, Java Programming, SQL Programming, Systems & Database Analysis, Web-based Applications, and Networking & Servers. Within weeks of graduating, he began the Master's of Science in Finance program at the University of Utah in August of 2020 where he has focused on mastering coursework related to Financial Technology, Reading & Interpreting Financial Statements, Corporate Finance, Financial Programming, Venture Capital, Financial Statistics, Real Estate Development, and Hedge Funds. 

Logan's experience with Avtech Ventures began in November of 2020. 

Logan grew up in Pittsburgh, PA where he enjoyed slopestyle skiing, playing baseball, and golfing. While the mountains in Pennsylvania made it tough to compete in slopestlye skiing at an elite level, he was internationally ranked by the time he was 17. During this time, he obtained product sponsorships with Monster Energy, Under Armour, Spy Optics, and Head Sports. However, just as his ski career was beginning, he suffered from a knee injury that would ultimately end his competition days. While he may not compete on his skis anymore, he now directs his eternal competitive spirit to his clients and his work.



Park City, UT